Harvesting the seeds of my Grandfather

Helping another person is not always our first thought in this world. As individuals we magnify our own needs, and it allows us to overlook those who are truly hurting and need our help.¬†Searching for opportunities to give someone aid is not a lesson you are taught in school, but it’s the cornerstone of workingContinue reading “Harvesting the seeds of my Grandfather”

Through the Wilderness

The night had come, the moon full in the sky. As I walked down the path, I could see the shadows thrown by the trees. I walked slowly but purposely; I knew where I was going, but knew better than to pretend I held dominion over this place. Winding through the forest by the river,Continue reading “Through the Wilderness”

History of a short story

Stories are the vehicle in which our histories travel. They carry the spark of our imagination from one generation to the next. Linking each person to the one that came before them. Through each story we are connected through time from this present to the most distance past. Within in each of us, we haveContinue reading “History of a short story”

Working with my Grandmother

We inherit many gifts of those from which we come, but the greatest gift my grandmother gave, she let us earn. On my 8th birthday I was given a present that has shaped my life and driven my success. ¬†I was hired by my grandmother. For four years I watched my brother return from herContinue reading “Working with my Grandmother”

A walk with my Grandfather

After a small accident on an afternoon at my grandparents house I found myself walking alone with my grandfather. My head was wrapped in a wet towel with his hat to keep pressure on the oversized dressing. My age at this time is a little fuzzy, probably due to the head wound I sustained. WeContinue reading “A walk with my Grandfather”

Training Begins

This blog captures my understanding of the world around me. I’ve come to a place in my life where I’ve begun to view the world differently. More and more it seems that this world amazing as it is, is only the beginning and that what we accomplish here is a precursor to what lies beyondContinue reading “Training Begins”